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People Who are Lucky

No one will venture to affirm that life is easy, no matter how nice everything goes. People are constantly subjected to stress that they create themselves and try to get out of the strain. We seem to be surrounded by comfort and all modern conveniences and still we seem helpless in front of a serious problem that requires action right away. Once you get sick and tired of the problems that drag you down to the gutter of your mind you sit in the armchair giving vent to your grief in a torrent of tears, complaining on your life and unpleasant surprises that it gives you. The reality is hard, but there is always a friend who can cheer you up. And this friend is most likely to be very successful, good looking, with nice sense of humor and very optimistic outlook. But the main quality he/she possesses is self-confidence and a brisk of ever-existing luck that is his/her partner always. Comforting doesn’t make you feel better; your spirits are hopelessly sinking in the darkness of sorrow. You come to realize that the depression you have takes its roots from jealousy, overwhelming, blinding jealousy because somebody succeeded in the field you didn’t manage to.

Maybe then you’ll see that luck is a very abstract term and can be defined in different ways. Your friend that is comforting you is not that lucky at all. He is successful because he is confident in what he does and doesn’t expect anybody or anything else than his abilities and skills to help in difficult situations. One more true statement,” Looser blames his failure on bad luck; a winner blames his failure on his carelessness”.


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